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Shout out as many correct items as possible that match the list on your
category card before time runs out. Some of the items are common, others
are quite obscure! The more items your team “hits,” the more tokens you
earn, the more points you can score.
200 cards
10 scoring tokens
1 30-second sand timer
70 Bridge Street Newton, MA 02458 617-924-6006
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1. Grab a pencil and paper to keep score. Select one player to be
the score-keeper.
2. Divide into two even teams. (If there is an odd number of players,
make one player a neutral “reader” for the game.)
3. Place the box of cards and the sand timer in the center
of the playing area.
4. Scatter the scoring tokens face down, within easy reach
of both teams.
The team with the player who last made
a list goes rst. One teammate takes
on the role of “reader,” draws a card
from the box, and looks at it without
showing others.
Then a player from the other team fl ips
the sand timer. Simultaneously, the reader
announces the category at the top of
the card and — without taking turns — the
reader’s teammates start shouting examples that fi t the category.
(No penalty for incorrect answers.)
Whenever the reader hears an item that matches one on the card, they shout
“Hit!” and reveal one of the remaining available scoring tokens. If a teammate
shouts out the item, reveal two tokens.
“pink” Keep shouting examples until
either a) time runs out or b) all items have been guessed.
If time runs out and the team did not guess all of the items on the list,
the other team gets one chance to guess a remaining item. If they can give
a correct example, they collect one of the remaining tokens (or two, if they
guess the pink item).
Note: Ultimately it’s up to you to determine how stringent you’d like to be
when judging examples, but in the pursuit of fun, p2-we suggest allowing items
that are not phrased identically to the card if it’s clear that the meaning is
the same, i.e. “bagels” for “bagel,” “tire rotation” for “rotating tires.”
Each team totals the numbers on their tokens and announces them for the
score-keeper to record. Return any collected tokens back to the middle, turn
them all face down, and mix them up. Play passes to the other team.
Take turns alternating between teams (selecting a different reader each
time) until each player has been the reader twice. Then total the scores.
The team with the higher score wins.

Product specificaties

Merk: Gamewright
Categorie: Bordspel
Model: Hit List
Timer: Mechanisch
Aanbevolen leeftijd (min): 12 jaar
Voorgesteld geslacht: Elk geslacht
Verpakkingsinhoud: 200 cards\n10 Scoring chips\n1 sand timer\nRules of Play
Aanbevolen leeftijdscategorie: Volwassene & kind
Minimum aantal spelers: 4
Type product: Bordspel
Aantal kaarten: 200 stuk(s)
Niet voor kinderen 0 - 3 jaar: Ja
Speeltijd (max): 15 min
Genre: Feest
Spelmodi: Multiplayer, Team game
Familiespel: Ja
Niet-competitief spel: Nee
Naam game: Hit List
(cdm) Ontwikkelde capaciteiten: Woordenschat leren

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