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Eufy Deurbel T8200 Deurbel

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Quick Start Guide
Video Doorbell 2K (Wired)
English 01
Table of Content
What’s in the Box 02
What’s Required for Installation 03
How the System Works 03
EufySecurity App Installation 04
Video Doorbell Installation 05
Safety 16
Customer Service 18
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What’s in the Box
Video Doorbell 2K
Model: T8200
Doorbell Chime
Model: T8740
Jumper for Existing
Chime (The second
one is optional)
Extension Wires and
Wire Nuts (Optional)
Quick Start Guide
Mounting Bracket
(Attached to 15°
Mounting Wedge)
Doorbell Chime
Power Pin
15° Mounting
Wedge (Optional)
Screw Hole
Screw Packs (Anchors
are optional)
IC: 23451-T8200
Detaching Pin
What’s Required for Installation
Phillips-Head Screwdriver
Power Drill with 1/4" (6.35mm) Drill Bit
How the System Works
The Video Doorbell system includes 2 parts. One is the video doorbell at your porch. The other is the
electronic chime plugged on indoor power socket. The video doorbell is powered by existing doorbell
wires. In order to get sufficient power from the doorbell circuit, user needs to bypass the existing
doorbell chime on the circuit.
Video Doorbell
Doorbell Chime

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Merk: Eufy
Categorie: Deurbel
Model: T8200 Deurbel

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