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1. Charge headset for at least 2 hours.
(via USB)
LED will light up when charging.
LED will be off once fully charged.
Be sure headset is powered off before
going to next step.
2. Pairing your SB240 via Bluetooth.
In power off mode, press and hold the
multifunction key for 7 seconds until LED
flashes quickly between red and blue.
Pair with your device per your device
requirements. If prompted for a PIN, enter:
3. Confirm successful pairing.
Your device will show that SB240 is β€œpaired.”
If pairing is unsuccessful:
1. If LED is still flashing red and blue, try searching on
your device again.
2. If this is still unsuccessful, power down by pressing
and holding down multifunction button for 3 seconds
(LED will be red for 3 seconds) and begin from step.
4. Enjoy General Use and Notices
Please read the following information before using this product.
Users are not permitted to make changes or modify the product and the
accessories in any way.
1. DO NOT use the product while operating a motor vehicle.
2. To avoid electronic interference and/or compatible conflicts, TURN OFF
the product in any facilities where posted notices instruct you to do so.
For example: Aircraft, Military Base, Hospital or Health Care Facilities.
3. To avoid impairing your hearing in the long-term operation, keep the
headset volume in the moderate level.
4. Keep away of fire, water, and high voltage equipments
5. Follow the charging procedure described in this guide to charge the
SB240 Quick Start Guide & User Manual
Charging the Battery
SB240 uses a rechargeable battery. A normal charging process takes about
2-3 hours. The red LED will turn on when charging and will turn off when
charging is finished.
When the battery is nearly used up, the red LED will flash every 30 second and
there will also be a prompt from the headset. Please charge the headset at
this time.
Please make sure the battery has been fully charged your first three uses
to ensure the battery’s best performance.
Always use correct AC Power Adapter to charge the headset. Using any
incorrect power supply device will cause damage and void the warranty.
Upon completion of charging, please pull out the cable from the headset.
Do not put the headset in charging state past it being fully charged.
This will shorten the lifetime of the battery.
Do not use the headset in too hot or too cold environment. It is recommended
to keep the environment temperature between15 and 25 degree.
Dot not install, place or use the headset near any source of heat such as a
stove, radiator, oven, toaster, coffee maker or other apparatus (including
microwave oven) that gives off heat.
Warranty and product info:
All trade names are registered trademarks of respective manufacturers listed.
Bluetooth technology and trademark are registered property of Bluetooth SIG.
All rights reserved.
Model: SB240 Specifications
Latest Bluetooth V2.1 + EDR class 2
10 Meter Range
HSP 1.1 Profile (Headset Profile)
HSP 1.5 Profile (Heads-Free Profile)
Strong Bass & Crystal Clear Sound
Standby/Talk Time; 400hrs/20hrs
Input Power: 5V, 500mAh
Battery: Rechargeable Li-Polymer Mini USB
Environment: Operating Temp.: -10C - +55C
Storage Temp.: -20C ~ 80C
(dependant upon distance/range from device)
LED Indicator
Volume Down/-
Volume Up/+
Forward/Next Track
Back/Previous Track
Multifunction button:
Single Click: Answer Incoming Call
Single Click While Streaming Musics: Play/Pause
Press & Hold 2 seconds: Redial Last Call
Press & Hold 2 seconds to Reject the Incoming Call
Micro USB

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Merk: SoundBot
Categorie: Headset
Model: SB240

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