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Setting up your tent
Spread the tent body on the ground.
Assemble the poles. Avoid having the shockcord snap the pole sections together
, this can damage the pole
Insert the spring pin found at a corner of the tent into the end of a pole.
Go to the opposite corner, and insert that spring pin into the other end of the pole.
Repeat for the other pole.
Attach the plastic clips on the tent body to the poles (notice they are color coded to make it even easier!).
Stake the tent down! (If you are having a hard time staking into the ground you can use rocks to anchor do
your tent. See Figures B-1and B-2) In order to get the tautest pitch, it is best to start at any corner, then mov
to the diagonal corner for the next stake until all four are staked out.
Figure B-1 Figure B-2
Tao 2
Pitching Directions
Both tent poles are
the same size.
Your Kelty Tao 2 tent should include:
1 Tent body
1 Tent Fly
2 12mm prebent DA17 aluminum tent poles
1 Small stake sack containing:
-13 Aluminum tent stakes
- 7 guylines with adjusters
- 1 Tent Manual
- 1 Set of Instructions

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