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Kelty Tent Outfitter Pro 2

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Out๎€Ÿtter Pro 2, 3, & 4-Pitching Instructions
Package Includes: Tent Body, Rain Fly, 2 Aluminum Poles,
Guy Cords (attached to rain ๎€žy), Tent Stakes, Pole and Stake Bag.
In order to familiarize yourself with your new tent,
we recommend you โ€œtest pitchโ€ before your ๎€Ÿrst
camping trip. For additional information please
Step 1: Find an even piece of ground; be sure area is clear of
debris. Assemble poles. Lay poles on tent forming an โ€œXโ€.
Step 2: Insert pole tip into grommet on stake loop at one end
of each pole. From opposite corner, ๎€žex pole and insert tip into
Grommet Pole Attachment Rain Fly Grommet AttachmentCenter Double Clip Guy Out with Storage Pocket
Step 3: Attach center clips over both poles at center โ€œXโ€ .
Work around the tent attaching all clips to the poles. Step 4: Drape rain ๎€žy over tent body. Attach velcro loops on underside
of ๎€žy to poles (at guy out). Attach grommet on rain ๎€žy corner webbing
to pole tip at stake loops. Stake out tent vestibules and guy out as
Visit for details regarding exclusive Field-Repairable-Zipper.
Out๎€Ÿtter Pro 2 pictured
Guy out pole attachment
velcro loop (underside of ๎€žy)

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Merk: Kelty
Categorie: Tent
Model: Outfitter Pro 2

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