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Blue Connect
Blue Fit50 » U S E R M A N U A L
Thanks for choosing Blue Connect.
A. Overview
Blue Connect continuously measures the key parameters of your swimming pool (temperature, pH,
chlorine, conductivity). It also informs you of the external temperature and weather based on your
geolocation. The results of this analysis are then communicated to you via notications on the
“ app (available on smartphone and tablet, compatible with Android™ and iOS). If the Blue Connect
device detects that one of the parameters is incorrect, an alert informs you of this status and provides
you with the instructions to follow to regulate and stabilize this parameter in order to maintain a
healthy and balanced water.
Blue Connect measures:
» Water temperature (°C, °F): An elevated temperature reduces the efficiency of the chlorine and
promotes the development of microorganisms.
» pH (hydrogen potential): this quantity measures the acidic or basic character of a medium. pH
contributes to the effectiveness of the disinfectant.
» ORP/REDOX (measurement of active chlorine in mV): the oxidation-reduction potential, or redox
potential, measures the oxidizing or reducing power of one substance compared to another. It
provides information on the disinfecting power of water.
» Conductivity1 (μS): Measurement of the concentration of inorganic salts in the water by the ability
of the latter to conduct electricity.
B. Precautions for use
» Do not use for anything other than water analysis.Blue Connect
» Blue Connect is not a toy. Avoid shocks as they may damage it.
» Keep Blue Connect out of reach of children when handling it (e.g. calibration and standby) due to
the use of chemicals. Store calibration products out of reach of children.
» Do not open the top part of the device (except when replacing the battery). Follow carefully the
battery replacement instructions. Damage caused by liquids is not covered by the warranty.
» Do not open the bottom part of the device containing the probe (except when replacing the
probe). Follow carefully the probe replacement instructions. Damage caused by liquids is not
covered by the warranty.
» Make sure not to leave the probe out of the water without the storage cap filled with KCl (saturated
potassium chloride), pH4 or, as a last resort, pool water.
» Do not use demineralized water in the storage cap.
» Make sure the top part of the unit is out of the water to allow the communication system to work.
» Do not leave in water with a temperature below 5°C or above 50°C.Blue Connect
» Keep the serial number and keyBlue Connect 2.
» Store Blue Connect sheltered from frost.
1 For salt pools, salinity (more precisely the total salt content) is measured on the conductivity basis. Salinity (g/L) is used to
evaluate the amount of salts in the water.
2 On the back of the quick start guide and on s storage cap.Blue Connect
Blue Connect
Blue Fit50 » U S E R M A N U A L
Description of the equipement
Blue Connect analyser: Delivered secured on the storage cap to
protect the probe during transportation. The probe is immersed in KCI
(saturated potassium chloride), which assures its protection.
The storage cap: Used to transport the probe out of the water or to
keep the sensors immersed during an extended storage (in winter
for example).
The usage cap: Must always be mounted on the device before placing
it in water. It protects the sensors from any damage.
Cord: Allows to x the device to a point of attachment.
Quick start guide: Helps you with the device start-up .

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