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Handy Recorder
Introduction / H4n Pro features
H4n Pro features
• An all-in-one handy recorder.
The H4n Pro is lightweight (294 g) with a very compact design and is equipped
with high quality stereo condenser microphones arranged in an XY pickup
pattern, a built-in speaker, SD card recording, a mixer and internal effects.
You can enjoy recording and creating your own music anytime, anywhere with
the H4n Pro.
• Versatile eld recorder with multi-track capability.
The H4n Pro is capable of recording in several different operation modes.
STEREO mode enables high-quality stereo recording. 4CH mode can record 2
sound sources simultaneously in stereo. MTR mode allows playback of 4 tracks
and recording of 2 tracks simultaneously. You can use it as a eld recorder to
record melodies and band performances on-the-y and to capture sound effects.
You can also use it as a multitrack recorder to make songs by overdubbing instru-
ments and vocals. Furthermore, in STAMINA mode you can record in stereo for
up to 11 hours using batteries only.
New 90/120°-variable XY stereo mic
The H4n Pro allows you to adjust the angle of the onboard microphones to address
a wider range of recording scenarios. Set the microphones to 120° for a wider area
of sound, or set them to 90° for a more focused sound source. Either way, the
mics retain their XY conguration, so you can record natural stereo sound with
no phase cancellation.
Connect mics and guitars directly using combined XLR/
standard phone jacks
The H4n Pro includes input jacks for connections that can accommodate a variety
of recording styles. Microphones, including stereo mics and condensers, electric
guitars, basses and keyboards can all be connected directly.
Use as an audio interface and SD card with a computer
An onboard USB 2.0 Hi-Speed port allows direct connection to a computer. You
can use it as an audio interface with built-in effects (sampling rate limited to 44.1
kHz when using the effects). You can also use the H4n Pro as an SD card reader
for your computer. You can transfer recorded les to your computer and use them
to create audio CDs or work with them in DAW software.
• Tuner, metronome, karaoke and various other functions
The tuner functions include not only a standard chromatic tuner, but also support
less common tunings, such as for 7-string guitars and 5-string basses. The metro-
nome function is convenient for practice and multitrack recording. You can also
use the H4n Pro as a practice device.
Use the SPEED function to adjust the playback speed from 50–150%. The
KARAOKE functions include center canceling for stereo les and variable key
control, making it valuable for language learning and voice training.
Thank you very much for purchasing our ZOOM H4n Pro Handy Recorder.
The H4n Pro has the following special features.
Please read this manual carefully to fully understand the functions of the H4n Pro so that you can make the most of it for many years.
After reading this manual, please keep it with the warranty in a safe place.
Introduction / Applications
The H4n Pro is ideal for these applications
Vocal recording
Recording live performances
Recording meetings
Recording acoustic guitars
Band practices
Field recording
Piano recitals
Transferring analog sound sources to digital
Drum practice recording

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Categorie: Digitale multitrack recorder
Model: H4nPro

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