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Actual total number: Sony XR-CA370X/CA370 (GB,DE,FR,IT,NL) 3-246-852-42(1)
 2003 Sony Corporation
Cassette Car Stereo
3-246-852-42 (1)
Operating Instructions
Mode d’emploi
Istruzioni per l’uso
Bitte nehmen Sie sich etwas Zeit, um den Geräte-Pass
vollständig auszufüllen. Dieser befindet sich auf der
hinteren Umschlagseite dieser Bedienungsanleitung.
Si dichiara che l’apparecchio è stato fabbricato in conformità all’art. 2, Comma 1 del
D.M. 28.08.1995 n. 548.
For installation and connections, see the supplied installation/connections
Zur Installation und zum Anschluss siehe die mitgelieferte Installations-/
En ce qui concerne l’installation et les connexions, consulter le manuel
d’installation/connexions fourni.
Per l’installazione e i collegamenti, fare riferimento al manuale di istruzioni di
installazione/collegamenti in dotazione.
Zie voor het monteren en aansluiten van het apparaat de bijgeleverde handleiding
“Installatie en aansluitingen”.
Welcome !
Thank you for purchasing this Sony Cassette
In addition to the cassette playback and radio
operations, you can expand your system by
connecting an optional CD/MD unit*1.
When you operate this unit or a connected
optional CD unit with the CD TEXT function,
the CD TEXT information will appear in the
display when you play a CD TEXT disc*2.
*1You can connect a CD changer, an MD changer,
a CD player, or an MD player.
*2A CD TEXT disc is an audio CD that includes
information such as the disc name, artist name,
and track names.
This information is recorded on the disc.
• If your car was parked in direct sunlight
resulting in a considerable rise in
temperature inside the car, allow the unit to
cool off before operating it.
• If no power is being supplied to the unit,
check the connections first. If everything is in
order, check the fuse.
• If no sound comes from the speakers of a
2-speaker system, set the fader control to the
centre position.
• When a tape is played back for a long period,
the cassette may become warm because of
the built-in power amplifier. However, this is
not a sign of malfunction.
If you have any questions or problems
concerning your unit that are not covered in
this manual, please consult your nearest Sony
To maintain high quality sound
If you have drink holders near your audio
equipment, be careful not to splash juice or
other soft drinks onto the car audio. Sugary
residues on this unit or cassette tapes may
contaminate the playback heads, reduce the
sound quality, or prevent sound reproduction
Cassette cleaning kits cannot remove sugar
from the tape heads.
Notes on Cassettes
Cassette care
• Do not touch the tape surface of a cassette, as
any dirt or dust will contaminate the heads.
• Keep cassettes away from equipment with
built-in magnets such as speakers and
amplifiers, as erasure or distortion on the
recorded tape could occur.
• Do not expose cassettes to direct sunlight,
extremely cold temperatures, or moisture.
• Slack in the tape may cause the tape to be
caught in the machine. Before you insert the
tape, use a pencil or similar object to turn the
reel and take up any slack.
• Distorted cassettes and loose labels can cause
problems when inserting or ejecting tapes.
Remove or replace loose labels.
• The sound may become distorted while
playing the cassette. The cassette player head
should be cleaned after each 50 hours of use.
Cassettes longer than 90 minutes
The use of cassettes longer than 90 minutes is
not recommended except for long continuous
play. The tape used for these cassettes is very
thin and tends to stretch easily. Frequent
playing and stopping of these tapes may cause
them to become entangled in the cassette deck

Product specificaties

Merk: Sony
Categorie: Entertainment voor in de auto en op het water
Model: XR-CA370

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