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KATHREIN Digital Systems GmbH
Anton-Kathrein-StraรŸe 1โ€“3
83022 Rosenheim, Germany
KATHREIN Digital Systems GmbH, Sales
Anton-Kathrein-StraรŸe 1โ€“3
83022 Rosenheim, Germany
Customer Support:
KATHREIN Digital Systems GmbH
Eiselauer Weg 13, 89081 Ulm, Germany
Phone: +49 731 270 909 70
Order number: 237500014
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Electronic two-point controller with adjustable temperature threshold
The heating is automatically switched on when the outdoor temperature falls
below the set value
With tensioning strap for mast mounting
The ESO 97 SL temperature control unit is essential for controlling the ESO
124 HL and ESO 180 HL performance-increased refl ector heaters
Scope of supply:
Temperature control ESO 97 S with installation kit
1๎€€m tensioning strap for terminal box
4 x M16 blind plugs
1 x Pt100 temperature sensor, ๎€€ 5 x 50 mm, length 5 m
10๎€€x๎€€cable ties, 208 mm
5 ๎€€x๎€€ cable ties, 360 mm
1 x cable gland M32 x 1.5, plastic
1 x earthing clamp
0.5 m earthing cable 4 mm2
Instructions for use
Hersteller: Kathrein
Product information "ESO 97 SL"
is a temperature control for the refl ector heatings ESO ๎€€90/120/124/180 H,
ESO 124/180 HL and the feed system support heatings ESO 126 and ESO
129, increased performance
Type: ESO 97 SL
Order no.: 237500014
Permissible ambient temperature: -30 bis +60 ยฐC
Cable insertions: 3 x M12, 5 x M16, 1 x M32/M25
Type of control: Two-point control unit
Operational voltage: 208-230 V~, ยฑ10 %, 50/60 Hz
Housing material: Polycarbonate
Breaking capacity: 16 A/230 V
Protection class: IP 66
Measuring input: PT 100 Temperatursensor
Recommended installation temperature: +5 bis +20 ยฐC
Dimensions: 254 x 180 x 111 mm
Weight: 1020 g
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Merk: Kathrein
Categorie: Temperatuurregelaar
Model: ESO 97 SL

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