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Motorola Smartphone One Vision - 2021

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User Guide
© 2021 Motorola Mobility LLC. All rights reserved.
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trademarks of Motorola Trademark Holdings, LLC. LENOVO is a trademark of Lenovo. Google, Android,
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Manufactured with Dolby technologies under license from Dolby Laboratories. Dolby, Dolby Audio, and the
double-D symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories. All other product or service names are the property
of their respective owners.
Certain features, services and applications are network dependent and may not be available in all areas;
additional terms, conditions and/or charges may apply. Contact your service provider for details.
All features, functionality, and other product specifications, as well as the information contained in this help
content, are based upon the latest available information and believed to be accurate at the time of release.
Motorola reserves the right to change or modify any information or specifications without notice or
Some images in help content are examples only.
You can also read this help on your phone at Settings > Help.
Set up phone 1
About your hardware 1
Insert and remove SIM and SD cards 2
Copy data from old phone 4
Manage dual SIMs 6
Set up voicemail 7
Set up email 8
Prepare for emergencies 9
Make it yours 10
Learn the basics 12
About your home screen 12
About your lock screen 12
What's new in Android 10? 13
New to Android? 16
If this is your first smartphone 16
If you had an iPhone 17
About your Google account 18
Status bar icons 19
Phone terms you should know 23
Get around on your phone 25
Learn gestures 25
Move between apps and screens 26
Use quick settings 28
Turn screen off and on 30
Adjust volumes 31
Frequently used tools 33
Turn flashlight on and off 33
Take screenshots 33
Control phone with your voice 34
Get directions to a location 35
Use Time and Weather widget 35
Manage time spent on your phone 37
Work with text 40
Use onscreen keyboard 40
Cut, copy, paste text 41
Use voice typing 42
Fill in forms automatically 42
Personalize your phone 44
Home screen 44
motorola one vision iii

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Merk: Motorola
Categorie: Smartphone
Model: One Vision - 2021

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Bij het opstarten blijft het scherm hangen op 'android one' en start niet verder. hoe kan ik dit probleem verhelpen.

  Stephane Thys - 29 Mei 2024

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