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User guide
Your phone 9
Back cover 10
microSIM card 11
Storage card 13
Battery 15
Switching the power on or off 16
Setting up your phone
Activate your phone 17
Setting up your phone for the first time 17
Account setup 17
Getting contacts into your phone 18
Your first week with your new phone
Features you'll enjoy 19
Start screen 20
Touch gestures 21
Motion gestures 23
Adjusting the volume 24
Sleep mode 25
Lock screen 25
Changing the ringtone 26
Changing the theme 27
Taking a screenshot 28
Switching between apps 28
Windows Store 29
Using speech on your phone 29
Camera basics 31
Taking a photo 32
Recording video 33
After capturing 33
Phone calls
Making a call 34
Receiving calls 35
What can I do during a call? 35
2 Contents
Starting a three-way call 36
Call history 36
Turning airplane mode on or off 37
Keeping in touch 38
Importing contacts from your SIM card 38
Adding a new contact 38
How do I add an extension number to a contact number? 39
Jumping to a section in the contacts list 39
Filtering your contacts list 39
Merging contact profiles 40
Searching, editing or deleting 40
Sharing with a group of contacts in real-time 41
Organizing your contacts into groups 43
What is the Me tile? 44
Posting to social networks 45
Filtering social updates 46
Using the onscreen keyboard 47
Entering words with predictive text 48
Changing the keyboard language 48
Texting and chatting in one place 49
Sharing pictures, videos, and more in a message 50
Viewing and replying to a message 51
Managing conversations 52
Adding your Microsoft account 53
Adding a POP3/IMAP email account 53
Adding a Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync account 54
Checking email 55
Sending email 56
Managing email messages 57
Changing email account settings 57
Photos, videos, and music
Photos 58
Music + Videos 60
Sync and Backup
Keeping things in sync 62
Backing up your files 62
3 Contents

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Merk: HTC
Categorie: Smartphone
Model: 8XT

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