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KLV-46R472A / 46R452A / 40R472A / 40R457A / 40R452A / 32R422A / 32R407A / 32R402A / 24R422A / 24R402A
Operating Instructions
4-466-324- (1)13 Checking the
Table-Top Stand (1)*
Fixing screws for Table-Top Stand (M5 × 16) (2)
Remote control (1)
AC power cord (mains lead) (1)
AC adapter (1)
Cable holders (3)
Size AAA batteries (R03 type) (2)
Operating Instructions (this manual) and other
Wall-Mount Bracket accessories
(KLV-46/40R472A, KLV-32/24R422A only)
* Refer to the supplied Table-Top Stand leaflet to assemble
the Table-Top Stand.
1: Attaching the Table-
Top Stand
• If using an electric screwdriver, set the tightening torque at
approximately 1.5 N·m (15 kgf·cm).
xKLV-46/40R452A, KLV-40R457A, KLV-32R407A,
Thick and
soft cloth
xKLV-46/40R472A, KLV-32/24R422A:
Thick and
soft cloth
Detaching the Table-Top Stand
from the TV
• Do not remove the Table-Top Stand for any reason other
than to wall-mount the TV.
xKLV-46/40R452A, KLV-40R457A, KLV-32R407A,
Thick and soft cloth
xKLV-46/40R472A, KLV-32/24R422A:
Thick and soft cloth 2: Connections
Connecting an antenna (aerial)/
Antenna (aerial) cable (not supplied)
Connecting an antenna (aerial)/
cable and VCR
AV cable
Antenna (aerial) cable
(not supplied)
Connecting audio/video devices
AV cable
(not supplied)
cable (not
DVD recorder
xConnecting MHL device
Use authorized
MHL2 cable with
MHL logo (not
MHL device
The MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) enables the TV
to communicate with a connected MHL-compatible
device. The TV can charge the connected MHL-
compatible device while playing photo/music/video
from it. You can use the TV remote control to control the
connected MHL-compatible device.
• If “Auto Input Change (MHL)” is set to “On”, the TV
automatically switches to “HDMI / MHL” or “HDMI 2 / MHL”
(depending on your TV model) from other input when
MHL-compatible device is connected to HDMI IN / MHL
or HDMI IN 2 / MHL jack. The availability of “Auto Input
Change (MHL)” depends on whether the MHL-compatible
device can support this feature.
• You can continue normal usage of the connected MHL-
compatible device (such as receiving calls) depending on
its capability.
• Some remote control functions may not be available
depending on features of the connected MHL-compatible
device. Please refer to the device manual for details.
• This product is officially MHL-certified for operation
with other MHL-certified devices. If you encounter any
problems when using the MHL function, please consult the
device manufacturer for support.
3: Preventing the TV
from toppling over
*Anchor bolts (M6 / M4) (not supplied)
Strong cord
(not supplied)
* KLV-46/40R472A, KLV-46/40R452A, KLV-40R457A,
KLV-32R422A, KLV-32R407A, KLV-32R402A:
Use M6 anchor bolts
* KLV-24R422A, KLV-24R402A:
Use M4 anchor bolts
4: Performing the
initial setup
* 12V may vary depending on country
• When the TV is in standby mode (the / (standby) " 1
indicator on the TV front panel is red), press / on the " 1
remote to turn on the TV.
• Make sure that the TV is completely turned off before
unplugging the AC power cord (mains lead) or DC cable.
Unplugging the AC power cord (mains lead) or DC cable
while the TV is turned on may cause the TV to malfunction.
Follow the instructions on the screen.
• You can also tune channels manually.
• Language options vary depending on model.
• Select “Home” fromLocation” for the best TV settings to
use the TV in the home.
Overview of the
TV controls and
Front View
Remote sensor Power/Standby indicator
• Lights up in red when in
• Lights up in green when
the TV is turned on.
• Flashes while the remote is
being operated.
• Do not put anything over the sensor, doing so may affect
its function.
Back View
Turns the TV on or
switch to standby
• Press button until
Programme +/-” Rr
appears and selects
channels with Volume
• Press button until “ Rr
Input select” appears
and selects input
source with Volume
• Adjusts volume.
• Moves through
options up or down
when selecting
channels or input
Overview of the remote
Turns the TV on or switch to standby
Displays the BRAVIA Sync Menu and
then select connected HDMI/MHL
equipment from “Device Selection”.
Selects the desired wide mode.
Displays information about the
programme/input or reveals hidden
information in Text mode.
Selects, adjusts or confirmed
selected items.
Displays a list of shortcuts to some
setting menus.
Returns to the previous channel or
input watched (for more than 15
In TV mode: Selects the next or
previous channel.
In Text mode: Selects the next or
previous page.
Operates the BRAVIA Sync and
USB compatible equipment that is
connected to the TV.
Dual Sound.
Selects input source.
In Text mode: Holds the current
Exit Text mode, or switches to a TV
display when displaying external
In TV mode: Selects channels.
In Text mode: Selects pages.
Displays text information.
Available when operation guide
appears on the screen.
Returns to the previous screen.
In USB mode: Stops the playback.
Mute or restore sound.
Adjusts volume.
Displays or cancels the menu.
Sets the desired time frame to turn
off TV automatically.
xTo change the Wide Mode
For TV, Video, Component or HDMI (except PC input)/ MHL HDMI PC Input (PC timing)
Wide Zoom* Normal Full Zoom* Normal Full 1 Full 2
* Parts of the top and bottom of the picture may be cut off.
• Some options may not be available depending on the signal source.
Thank you for choosing this Sony product. Before operating the TV,
please read this manual thoroughly and retain it for future reference.
• The “x” that appears in the model name corresponds to a numeric
digit, related to design, colour or TV system.
• Instructions about “Installing Wall-Mount Bracket” are included within
this TV’s instructions manual.
• The illustrations used in this manual may differ depending on your
TV model.
• The illustrations of the remote control used in this manual are of the
RM-GA024 unless otherwise stated.
• Before operating the TV, please read Safety Information. Retain this
manual for future reference.
Location of the identification label
Labels for TV Model No. and Power Supply rating (in accordance with
applicable safety regulation) are located on the rear of the TV. Labels
for AC adapter Model No. and Serial No. are located at the bottom of
AC adapter.
Disposal of the TV set
Disposal of Old Electrical & Electronic
Equipment (Applicable in the European
Union and other European countries with
separate collection systems)
This symbol is on the remote control and AC adapter.
Disposal of the TV set
India only
Disposal of Old Electrical & Electronic
Equipment (Applicable in Republic of
This symbol indicates that this product shall not be treated as
household waste and may not be dropped in garbage bins. Product
owners are advised to deposit their product at the nearest collection
point for the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment.Your
co-operation shall facilitate proper disposal & help prevent potential
negative consequences/hazards to the environment and human health,
which could otherwise be caused by inappropriate waste disposal
including improper handling, accidental breakage, damage and/ or
improper recycling of e-waste.The recycling of materials will help
to conserve natural resources. For more detailed information about
recycling of this product, please contact your local civic office, your
household waste disposal service provider or the store where you
made the purchase. You may contact our companys toll free number in
India for assistance.
This product complies with the “India E-waste Rule 2011”. The
E-waste Rules, 2011 is an Indian directive aimed at reducing the
harmful environmental impact of waste electrical equipment by
restricting the use of known hazardous substances. As of 1st May
2012, new electrical and electronic equipment introduced into
the market may no longer contain the following chemicals or its
specified maximum concentration levels:
Lead, Mercury, Hexavalent Chromium, Polybrominated Biphenyls
(PBB) or Polybrominated Diphenylethers (PBDE) - in concentrations
exceeding 0.1 weight % and Cadmium - 0.01 weight %, except of
exemptions set in Schedule 2 of the aforesaid Rule.
Trademark information
• HDMI, the HDMI Logo, and High-Definition Multimedia Interface are
trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing LLC in the
United States and other countries.
• Manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories.
• “BRAVIA” and are trademarks of Sony Corporation.
• MHL, Mobile High-Definition Link and the MHL Logo are trademarks
or registered trademarks of MHL Licensing, LLC.
• Manufactured under license from DTS Licensing Limited. For U.S.
and worldwide patent and trademark information, see
(c) DTS Licensing Limited and DTS, Inc. 2012.
(except KLV-40R457A,
KLV-32R407A only)
Viewing pictures from the connected
Turn on the connected equipment, then press on the remote control or CH/INPUT on the TV to display the
connected equipment list.
Rear View
*1 *2
*1 Terminals and labels may vary depending on TV model.
*2 12V may vary depending on country.
A HDMI IN / MHL, HDMI IN 2 / MHL and HDMI IN 1 (Home Theatre systems, Camcorder, Blu-ray Disc player,
DVD player, PC with HDMI output and Mobile device).
Connect to the HDMI IN jack if the equipment has an HDMI jack.
If the equipment has a DVI jack, connect the DVI jack to the HDMI IN / MHL or HDMI IN 2 / MHL jack through a
DVI - HDMI adapter interface (not supplied), and connect audio out jack of the equipment to the HDMI AUDIO IN
or HDMI 2 AUDIO IN jack.
If the equipment is compatible with MHL, connect the MHL jack of the equipment to the HDMI IN / MHL or HDMI
IN 2 / MHL jack through a MHL - HDMI cable (not supplied).
If connecting a digital audio system that is compatible with Audio Return Channel (ARC) technology, use HDMI IN
1 (ARC). If not, an additional connection with AUDIO OUT (Refer ) is necessary.D
• The HDMI jacks can support PC timing in HDMI PC mode. Refer PC input signal reference chart under “PC settings”.
• Be sure to use only an authorized HDMI cable bearing the HDMI logo, or an authorized MHL cable bearing the MHL
• HDMI IN 1 (ARC) is available depending on your TV model.
B (Digital still camera, Camcorder, USB storage media)
Access photo/music/video files stored on a USB device.
C HDMI AUDIO IN or HDMI 2 AUDIO IN (PC and other audio devices )
Connect to the HDMI AUDIO IN or HDMI 2 AUDIO IN. It is recommended to use an audio input (stereo
D AUDIO OUT / (Stereo systems, Headphone)
Connect with an audio cable or headphones. You can listen to TV sound through your stereo system or
headphones. You can select “Variable” or “Fixed” in the “Audio Out” menu.
Connect AC adapter to the jack.
F VIDEO IN /COMPONENT IN/AUDIO (DVD player, VCR, Video game equipment, S VHS/Hi8/DVC
camcorder, DVD player with component output)
Connect to the VIDEO IN jack and the AUDIO jacks. If you connect mono equipment, connect to the L
(MONO) jack.
For better picture quality, component connection is recommended if your DVD player has a component video
output. Connect to the COMPONENT IN jacks.
Using Menu
Photo Frame Mode
FM Radio
• To exit Home menu:
1 Favourites
Store up to 18 channels or external inputs.
xTo add a current channel or external inputs
into Favourites list
“Add to Favourites”
xTo watch a channel or external input
TV 9
Add Delete
Confirm Exit
• To exit Favourites List:
• When you run the “Auto Tuning”, only the programme
channels in your Favourites list will be cleared.
2 Photo/ Music/ Video
Playback photo/music/video files via USB devices.
Side View
• If more than one USB detected:
• If you connect the USB device when “USB Auto Start”
is set to “On”, the thumbnail view of photo/music/video
appears automatically.
xTo adjust the picture and sound setting
When playing video
“Picture” / “Sound”
xTo play a photo as slideshow (Photo)
green OR
• To stop slideshow: “Stop Slideshow”
• While the TV is accessing the data on the USB device, do
not turn off the TV or connected USB device, disconnect
the USB cable, or remove the USB device.
• Sony will not be held liable for any damage to, or loss of,
data on the recording media due to a malfunction of any
connected devices or the TV.
• The file name and folder name may not display correctly
in some cases.
• When you connect a Sony digital still camera, set the
camera’s USB connection mode to Auto or Mass Storage.
For more information about USB connection mode, refer to
the instructions supplied with your digital camera.
• Check the website below for updated information about
compatible USB devices.
• Use a USB storage device that is compliant with USB
mass storage device class standards.
USB Video format
Extension Container Video Codec Audio Codec
.avi AVI
XviD, MPEG4,
H.264, MJPEG
.wmv, .asf ASF WMV V9, Xvid,
.mov, .3gp MP4 MPEG4, H.264,
H.263, MJPEG
Layer1/2, MP3,
.mkv MKV
MPEG4, H.264,
DTS, DTS 2.0
.vob, .vro
Layer1/2, MP3,
.ts, .m2ts MPEG2TS MPEG2, H.264,
1/2, MP3,
DTS, DTS 2.0
USB Music format
Extension Audio Codec
.mp3 MPEG1 Audio Layer 3
.wma WMA V8
.wav LPCM
USB Photo format
Extension Image Codec
.jpg, .jpe, .jpeg JPEG
DCF2.0 or EXIF2.21 supported.
• Playback of the above file formats is not guaranteed.
• The USB device supports FAT16 , FAT32 and NTFS.
3 Photo Frame Mode
KLV-32/24R422A only)
Display Photo, Music and Clock calendar at the same
xTo enter Photo Frame Mode
“Photo Frame Mode
“Photo Frame Settings”
• To exit Photo Frame mode: /
4 FM Radio
• For first time using FM Radio function:
“Channel Set-up”
“FM Radio Set-up”
“Auto Tuning”
• To access FM Radio mode:
“FM Radio”
xTo listen to preset stations:
In FM Radio mode
“Channel Set-up
“FM Radio Set-up”
“FM Radio Presets”
In FM Radio mode
“FM Radio Presets”
• To exit “Channel Set-up” menu:
• To select desired preset FM Radio stations:
xTo listen to non-preset stations:
In FM Radio mode
To search desired station
To tune FM frequency
• If “Please set-up FM Radio.” appears, perform
To listen to preset stations.
xTo show photo or picture while listening to
FM Radio
In FM Radio mode
“Photo Frame Mode” (KLV-46/40R472A,
KLV-32/24R422A only)
“Slideshow” / “Picture Frame”
• To exit “Photo Frame Mode”/“Slideshow”/”Picture Frame”:
xTo reduce power consumption in FM Radio
“Power Saving” OR
“Power Saving”
• To exit from “Picture Off”: Any key except /
• To exit FM Radio mode:
• If the station has a noisy sound, press / to improve the B b
sound quality.
• If the FM stereo programme has static noise, press
until “Mono” appears to reduce noise.
5 Settings
You are able to change the settings of your TV from
“Settings” menu
xTo select setting options
Channel Set-up
Parental Lock
To select “Settings” category
To modify the setting
• To exit the setting mode:
• The options you can adjust vary depending on the
situation. Unavailable options are greyed out or not
Picture Mode Sets a picture mode.
Reset Resets all the “Picture” settings to
factory settings, except “Picture Mode”
and “Intelligent Picture Plus Set-up”.
Backlight Adjusts the brightness of the backlight.
Picture Increases or decreases picture
Brightness Brightens or darkens the picture.
Colour Increases or decreases colour
Hue Increases or decreases the green
tones and red tones.
Sharpness Sharpens or softens the picture.
Adjusts the whiteness of the picture.
Reduces the picture noise (snowy
picture) in a weak broadcast signal.
MPEG Noise
Reduces the picture noise in MPEG-
compressed video.
Cinema Drive Provides improved picture movement
when playing BD (Blu-ray Disc), DVD
or VCR images taken on film, reducing
picture blur and graininess.
• If the image contains irregular signals or too much noise,
“Cinema Drive” is automatically turned off even if “Auto”
is selected.
Set “Picture” settings in more detail.
Picture Plus
Enhances picture quality according to
preferred settings, channel or video
Sound Mode Sets a sound mode.
Reset Resets all the “Sound” settings to
factory settings, except “Sound Mode”,
“Dual Sound”, “Speakers” and “Audio
7 Band
Adjusts sound frequency settings.
Produces a fuller sound for more
Clear Voice Makes voice sound clearer.
Adds a surround-like effect to mono
Minimizes the difference in volume
level between all programmes and
Balance Emphasises left or right speaker
Volume Offset Adjusts the volume level of the current
input relative to other inputs.
Dual Sound Sets the sound from speaker for a
stereo or bilingual broadcast.
• If the stereo sound is noisy when receiving a NICAM
programme, select “Mono”. The sound becomes
monaural, but the noise is reduced.
• If you select other equipment connected to the TV, set
“Dual Sound” to “Stereo”, “Main” or “Sub”. However,
when the external equipment connected to the HDMI jack
(except HDMI 1) is selected, this is fixed to “Stereo”.
• If you access to FM Radio mode, set “Dual Sound” to
“Stereo” or “Mono”.
Speakers Selects sound output from TV speakers
or external audio equipment.
Audio Out Selects whether to control external
audio system through TV remote
• When the input source is set to “Headphone” in the
“Headphone/Audio Out” under the “AV Set-up” menu,
“Audio out” is not available in the list.
Wide Mode Refer (To change the Wide Mode).
Auto Wide Automatically changes the wide mode
according to the input signal from
an external equipment. To keep your
setting, select “Off”.
• Even if “Auto Wide” is set to “On” or “Off”, you can
always modify the format of the screen by pressing
4:3 Default Selects the default screen mode for
use with 4:3 broadcasts.
Auto Display
Selects “On” to automatically adjusts
the display area based upon the
content or “Off” to choose from the
“Display Area” options.
Display Area Adjusts the picture display area.
Adjusts the horizontal position of the
picture when “Wide Mode” is set to
“Wide Zoom” or “Zoom”.
Vertical Shift Adjusts the vertical position of the
picture when “Wide Mode” is set to
“Wide Zoom” or “Zoom”.
PC Settings Selects screen mode or adjusts the
display position of the picture when the
TV receives an input signal from the
connected PC.
PC input signal reference chart for HDMI IN 1, 2
VGA 640 480 31.5 60 VGA
SVGA 800 600 37.9 60
XGA 1024 768 48.4 60
WXGA 1280 768 47.4 60 VESA
WXGA 1280 768 47.8 60 VESA
WXGA 1360 768 47.7 60 VESA
SXGA* 1280 1024 64 60 VESA
HDTV* 1920 1080 67.5 60 EIA
* KLV-46/40R472A, KLV-46/40R452A, KLV-40R457A only
• This TV’s PC input does not support Sync on Green/
Composite Sync and interlaced signal.
• This TV’s PC input supports signals in the above chart
with a 60 Hz vertical frequency.
Channel Set-up
1 Digit Direct When “1 Digit Direct” is set to “On”,
select a channel using one preset
number button (0 - 9) on the remote.
• When “1 Digit Direct” is set to “On”, you cannot select
channel numbers 10 and above entering next digit using
the remote.
Auto Tuning Tunes in all the available channels.
Changes the order in which the
channels are stored on the TV.
Assigns a channel name of your choice
up to seven letters or numbers.
Sets programme channels manually.
• In “Audio Filter”, you cannot receive stereo or dual sound
when “High” is selected.
FM Radio
Preset up to 30 FM radio stations that
can be received in your area.
Parental Lock
PIN Code Sets up TV to block channel or external
input. Use 0-9 on the remote to enter a
four-digit PIN code.
Change PIN
Selects to change your PIN code.
Blocks an individual channel from
being watched. To view a blocked
channel, select “Unblocked”.
External Input
Locks an external input from being
watched. To view a blocked external
input, select “Unblocked”.
• Entering the correct PIN code for blocked channel or
external input will temporarily deactivates the “Parental
Lock” feature. To reactivate the “Parental Lock” settings,
turn off and on the TV.
• If you lost your PIN code, refer to (Troubleshooting).
Photo Frame
Sets desired displays, image or music
selection during “Photo Frame Mode”.
USB Auto
Automatically enters the thumbnail view
of the last played Photo/Music/Video
when the TV is turned on and a USB
device is connected to the USB port
then turned on.
Sleep Timer * Set the time in minutes that you would
like the TV to remain on before shutting
off automatically.
Timers *
Sets the timer to turn on/off the TV
using “Sleep Timer”, “On Timer”, and
“Clock Set”
* Available depending on the TV model.
Auto Start-up Starts the initial set-up procedure.
Language Selects the language in which the
menus are displayed.
Select “On” to display logo when the
TV is turned on. Select “Off” to disable
AV Set-up Selects settings for connected
equipment or input source.
• When the input source is set to “Skip” in the “Video
Labels” under the “AV Set-up” menu, that input is
greyed out in the list.
Allows the TV to communicate with
equipment that is compatible with the
BRAVIA Sync Control function, and
connected to the HDMI jacks of the
TV. Note that communication settings
must also be made on the connected
• You cannot use “BRAVIA Sync Control” if the TV
operations are linked to the operations of an audio
system that is compatible with BRAVIA Sync Control.
• Some equipment with “BRAVIA Sync Control” does not
support the “Device Control” feature.
Displays your TV’s product information.
Resets all settings to factory settings.
After completing this process, the initial
set-up screen is displayed.
Reset Resets the current Eco settings to the
default values.
Power Saving Reduces power consumption of the TV
by adjusting the backlight.
Idle TV
Turns the TV off after it has been kept
idle for the preset length of time.
Panel system
LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) Panel
TV system
B/G, I, D/K, M
Colour/video system
Channel Coverage
Analogue: UHF/VHF/Cable, depending on your
country/area selection.
Sound Output (Only for 19.5V supply)
8 W + 8 W (KLV-46/40R472A, KLV-46/40R452A,
KLV-40R457A, KLV-32R422A, KLV-32R407A,
5 W + 5 W (KLV-24R422A, KLV-24R402A)
Input/Output jacks
Antenna (aerial)/cable
75 ohm external terminal for VHF/UHF
YPBPR (Component Video): 1080p (50, 60Hz), 1080i
(50, 60Hz), 720p (50, 60Hz), 576p, 576i, 480p, 480i
Audio input (phono jacks)
Video input (common phono pin with Y input)
HDMI IN 1, 2
Video: 1080p (24, 30, 50, 60Hz), 1080i (50, 60Hz),
720p (24, 30, 50, 60Hz), 576p, 576i, 480p, 480i,
PC Formats
Audio: Two channel linear PCM: 32, 44.1 and 48kHz,
16, 20 and 24 bits, Dolby Digital
Audio input (stereo minijack) (HDMI IN 1 only)
ARC (Audio Return Channel) (HDMI IN 1 only)
MHL (common with HDMI IN or HDMI IN 2)
Video: 1080p (24, 30Hz), 1080i (50, 60Hz), 720p
(24, 30, 50, 60Hz), 576p, 576i, 480p, 480i
Audio: Two channel linear PCM: 32, 44.1 and 48kHz,
16, 20 and 24 bits, Dolby Digital
Audio output (stereo minijack)
Headphones jack
Audio input (stereo minijack) (common for HDMI IN or
USB port
AC adapter input: 19.5 V
DC input: 12 V (depends on country)
Optional accessories
Wall-Mount Bracket: SU-WL400
Operating temperature
0 °C - 40 °C
Operating humidity
10 % - 80 % RH (non-condensing)
Power and others
Power requirements
110-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Screen size (measured diagonally) (Approx.)
KLV-46R472A, KLV-46R452A: 116.8 cm/46 inches
KLV-40R472A, KLV-40R45xA: 101.6 cm/40 inches
KLV-32R422A, KLV-32R40xA: 80.0 cm/32 inches
KLV-24R422A, KLV-24R402A: 59.8 cm/24 inches
Display resolution
KLV-46R472A, KLV-46R452A, KLV-40R472A,
KLV-40R45xA: 1,920 dots (horizontal) × 1,080 lines
KLV-32R422A, KLV-32R40xA, KLV-24R422A,
KLV-24R402A: 1,366 dots (horizontal) × 768 lines
Power consumption
KLV-46R472A: 77 W, KLV-46R452A: 77 W
KLV-40R472A: 76 W, KLV-40R45xA: 76 W
KLV-32R422A: 52 W, KLV-32R40xA: 52 W
KLV-24R422A: 41 W, KLV-24R402A: 41 W
Dimensions (Approx.) (w × h × d)
with Table-Top Stand
KLV-46R472A: 1,054 × 649 × 204 mm
KLV-46R452A: 1,054 × 643 × 181 mm
KLV-40R472A: 924 × 573 × 184 mm
KLV-40R45xA: 924 × 568 × 181 mm
KLV-32R422A: 735 × 464 × 171 mm
KLV-32R40xA: 735 × 461 × 163 mm
KLV-24R422A: 558 × 366 × 153 mm
KLV-24R402A: 558 × 363 × 140 mm
without Table-Top Stand
KLV-46R472A, KLV-46R452A: 1,054 × 625 × 77 mm
KLV-40R472A, KLV-40R45xA: 924 × 551 × 77 mm
KLV-32R422A, KLV-32R40xA: 735 × 443 × 75 mm
KLV-24R422A, KLV-24R402A: 558 × 346 × 69 mm
Mass (Approx.)
with Table-Top Stand
KLV-46R472A: 9.1 kg, KLV-46R452A: 9.2 kg
KLV-40R472A: 7.0 kg, KLV-40R45xA: 7.1 kg
KLV-32R422A: 4.8 kg, KLV-32R40xA: 4.8 kg
KLV-24R422A: 4.6 kg, KLV-24R402A: 4.5 kg
without Table-Top Stand
KLV-46R472A, KLV-46R452A: 8.8 kg
KLV-40R472A, KLV-40R45xA: 6.7 kg
KLV-32R422A, KLV-32R40xA: 4.6 kg
KLV-24R422A, KLV-24R402A: 4.4 kg
• Design and specifications are subject to change without
Installing the
(Wall-Mount Bracket)
To Customers
Sufficient expertise is required for installing this
product. Be sure to subcontract the installation
to Sony dealers or licensed contractors and pay
special attention to safety during the installation.
Sony is not liable for any damages or injury caused
by mishandling or improper installation, or installing
any other than the specified product. Your Statutory
Rights (if any) are not affected.
To Sony Dealers and Contractors
Sufficient expertise is required for installing this
product. Be sure to read this instruction manual
thoroughly to do the installation work safely. Sony
is not liable for any damages or injury caused by
mishandling or improper installation.
• Detach the Table-Top Stand from the TV. For details, refer
to (Detaching the Table-Top Stand from the TV).
• When your TV is installed on the wall, make sure to use L
shape connecting cable for HDMI AUDIO IN or HDMI 2
AUDIO IN terminal and AUDIO OUT / terminal on the
rear of the TV.
To bundle the AC adapter
• You can bundle the AC adapter as an optional step. Do not
bundle it for any reason other than to wall-mount the TV.
• Make sure that the label is facing outwards when bundling
AC adapter.
Your TV can be installed using the Wall-Mount Bracket
SU-WL400 (sold separately)
• Refer to the Instructions supplied with the Wall-Mount
Bracket to properly carry out the installation.
*1 Screws
*2 Screws
Thick and
soft cloth
*1 KLV-46/40R472A, KLV-46/40R452A, KLV-40R457A,
KLV-32R422A, KLV-32R407A, KLV-32R402A:
Use (+PSW 6 × 20) screws
*1 KLV-24R422A, KLV-24R402A:
Use (+PSW 4 × 20) screws
*2 KLV-46/40R472A, KLV-46/40R452A, KLV-40R457A,
KLV-32R422A, KLV-32R407A, KLV-32R402A:
Use (+PSW 6 × 50) screws
*2 KLV-24R422A, KLV-24R402A:
Use (+PSW 4 × 50) screws
TV installation dimensions table
Screen centre point
Unit: mm
46R452A 1,054 625 -49 273 141
924 551 -13 273 140
735 443 42 273 138
24R402A 558 346 88 268 117
xKLV-46/40R472A, KLV-32/24R422A:
Your TV’s Table-Top Stand will be used as a part of the
Wall-Mount Bracket.
• Refer to (Safety Information) and (Precautions) on WALL-
MOUNT BRACKET before carrying out Wall-Mount Bracket
Checking the accessories
Wall-Mount Base (1)
Stand Protector (1)
Bracket Cap Plate (1)
Arm Bracket (2)
Assembling screws for Wall-Mount Bracket
(+PSW 6 x12) (2)
(KLV-46/40R472A, KLV-32R422A)
Assembling screws for Wall-Mount Bracket
(+PSW 4 x10) (2)
Spacer (2)
Fixing screw for Bracket Cap Plate (+PSW 4 x 10) (1)
(KLV-46/40R472A, KLV-32/24R422A)
• The screws needed to secure the Wall-Mount Base to the
wall are not supplied.
Installing the Brackets on the wall
(8 mm in
not supplied)
Preparing for the installation of
the TV
• Once the Stand Necks are detached from the Stand, be
sure to keep the Stand Necks in a safe place.
Arm Bracket
Stand Necks
Stand Protector
× 2
Arm Bracket
* Screws
Soft cloth
* KLV-46/40R472A, KLV-32R422A:
Use (+PSW 6 × 12) screws
* KLV-24R422A:
Use (+PSW 4 × 10) screws
Installing the TV on the wall
• Make sure to connect and bundle the cables before
installing the TV on the wall.
(+PSW 4 × 10)
TV installation dimensions table
Screen centre point
Unit: mm
46R472A 1,054 625 124 446 96
40R472A 924 551 187 472 96
32R422A 735 443 150 380 94
24R422A 558 346 144 324 88
The wall that the TV will be installed on should be
capable of supporting a weight of at least four times
that of the TV. Refer to (Specifications) for its weight.
When the (standby) indicator is flashing, count " 1/
how many times it flashes (interval time is three
Press / on the TV to turn it off, disconnect the AC " 1
power cord (mains lead), and inform your dealer
or Sony service centre of how the indicator flashes
(number of flashes).
When it is not flashing
Check the items listed below. If the problem still
persists, have your TV serviced by qualified service
No picture and no sound
• Check the antenna/cable connection.
• Connect the TV to the AC power outlet (mains socket),
and press / on the TV. If the / (standby) indicator " 1 " 1
lights up in red, press / ." 1
No picture from the connected equipment
• Turn the connected equipment on.
• Check the connection between the optional equipment
and the TV.
• Press repeatedly to select the desired input.
• Correctly insert the USB / MHL device.
• For USB device: Make sure that the USB device has
been properly formatted.
• For MHL device: Ensure that the MHL device is
connected to the HDMI IN / MHL or HDMI IN 2 / MHL
jack (depending on your TV model) using an MHL cable.
• Operations are not guaranteed for all USB / MHL devices.
Also, operations differ depending on the features of the
USB / MHL device.
Double images or ghosting
• Check the antenna/cable connection, location or
Only snow and noise appear on the screen
• Check if the antenna is broken or bent.
• Check if the antenna has reached the end of its
serviceable life (three to five years in normal use, one to
two years at the seaside).
Distorted picture (dotted lines or stripes)
• Keep the TV away from electrical noise sources such as
cars, motorcycles, hair-dryers or optional equipment.
• When installing optional equipment, leave some space
between the optional equipment and the TV.
• Check the antenna/cable connection.
• Keep the antenna/cable away from other connecting
Picture or sound noise when viewing a TV channel
• Adjust “AFT” (Automatic Fine Tuning) to obtain better
picture reception.
Tiny black points and/or bright points appear on
the screen
• The screen is composed of pixels. This is not a
Picture contours are distorted
• Change the current setting of “Cinema Drive” to other
No colour on programmes
• Select “Reset”.
No sound, but good picture
• Press +/– or (Mute).2 %
• Check if the “Speakers” is set to “TV Speakers”.
No sound or noisy sound
• Check if the TV system setting is appropriate.
Some channels are blank
• The channel is for scrambled/subscription service only.
Subscribe to a pay TV service.
• Channel is used only for data (no picture or sound).
• Contact the broadcaster for transmission details.
The TV turns off automatically (the TV enters
standby mode)
• Check if the “Sleep Timer” is activated.
• Check if the “Idle TV Standby” is activated.
Some input sources cannot be selected
• Select “Video Labels” and cancel “Skip” of the input
The remote does not function
• Replace the batteries.
HDMI equipment does not appear on “BRAVIA Sync
Device List”
• Check that your equipment is compatible with BRAVIA
Sync Control.
Cannot select “Off” in “BRAVIA Sync Control”
• If you have connected any audio system that is
compatible with BRAVIA Sync Control, you cannot select
“Off” in this menu. To change the audio output to the TV
speaker, select “TV Speakers” in the “Speakers” menu.
The “Parental Lock password has been forgotten
• Press and select “Settings” ”Parental Lock” HOME t t
”PIN code” then enter 9999 for the PIN code (PIN code
9999 is always accepted.).
TV does not output picture and/or sound from the
MHL device
• Disconnect the MHL cable, then reconnect it, or power
the MHL device off then on again and release its lock.
Store Display Mode or Promoting Feature Logo
appears on the screen
• On the remote control, press then press RETURN HOME
and select “Settings” “Set-up” “Auto Start-up”. Be t t
sure to select “Home” in “Location”.
Safety information
Batteries must not be exposed to excessive heat such as sunshine, fire
or the like.
Install and use the TV set in accordance with the instructions below in
order to avoid any risk of fire, electrical shock or damage and/or injuries.
• The TV set should be installed near an easily accessible AC power
outlet (mains socket).
• Place the TV set on a stable, level surface to avoid it from falling down
and cause personal injury or damage to the TV.
• Only qualified service personnel should carry out wall installations.
• For safety reasons, it is strongly recommended that you use Sony
accessories, including:
Wall-Mount Bracket SU-WL400
Be sure to use the screws supplied with the Wall-mount bracket
when attaching the mounting hooks to the TV set. The supplied
screws are designed as indicated by illustration when measured
from the attaching surface of the mounting hook. The diameter and
length of the screws differ depending on the Wall-mount bracket
Use of screws other than those supplied may result in internal dam-
age to the TV set or cause it to fall, etc.
24" TV: 6.5 mm ~ 10 mm
32" / 40" / 46" TV: 8 mm ~ 12 mm
Screw (supplied with the
Wall-mount bracket)
Mounting Hook
Hook attachment on rear
of TV set
• Before transporting the TV set, disconnect all cables.
• Two or more people are needed to transport a large TV set.
• When transporting the TV set by hand, hold it as
shown in the illustration. Do not put stress on the LCD
panel and the frame around the screen.
• When transporting the TV set, do not subject it to jolts
or excessive vibration.
• When transporting the TV set for repairs or when
moving, pack it using the original carton and packing material.
• Never cover the ventilation holes or insert anything in the cabinet.
• Leave space around the TV set as shown below.
• It is strongly recommended that you use a Sony wall-mount bracket in
order to provide adequate air-circulation.
Installed on the wall
30 cm
10 cm
10 cm
10 cm
Leave at least this space around
the set.
Installed with stand
30 cm
10 cm
10 cm 6 cm
Leave at least this space around
the set.
• To ensure proper ventilation and prevent the collection of dirt or dust:
Do not lay the TV set flat, install upside down, backwards, or
Do not place the TV set on a shelf, rug, bed or in a closet.
Do not cover the TV set with a cloth, such as curtains, or items such
as newspapers, etc.
Do not install the TV set as shown below.
Air circulation is blocked.
AC power cord (mains lead)
Handle the AC power cord (mains lead) and outlet (mains socket) as
follows in order to avoid any risk of fire, electrical shock or damage and/
or injuries:
The shape of AC power plug, which is supplied with the TV set,
varies depending on the regions. Be sure to connect the appropriate
supplied AC power cord (mains lead) with the plug that fits into the AC
power outlet (mains socket).
Use only Sony supplied AC power cords (mains lead), not those of
other brands.
Insert the plug fully into the AC power outlet (mains socket).
Operate the TV set on a 110–240 V AC supply only.
When wiring cables, be sure to unplug the AC power cord (mains
lead) for your safety and take care not to catch your feet on the
Disconnect the AC power cord (mains lead) from the AC power outlet
(mains socket) before working on or moving the TV set.
Keep the AC power cord (mains lead) away from heat sources.
Unplug the AC power plug (mains plug) and clean it regularly. If the
plug is covered with dust and it picks up moisture, its insulation may
deteriorate, which could result in a fire.
• Do not use the supplied AC power cord (mains lead) on any other
• Do not pinch, bend, or twist the AC power cord (mains lead)
excessively. The core conductors may be exposed or broken.
• Do not modify the AC power cord (mains lead).
• Do not put anything heavy on the AC power cord (mains lead).
• Do not pull on the AC power cord (mains lead) itself when
disconnecting the AC power cord (mains lead).
• Do not connect too many appliances to the same AC power outlet
(mains socket).
• Do not use a poor fitting AC power outlet (mains socket).
To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not expose this apparatus
to rain or moisture.
To prevent fire or shock hazard, do not place objects filled with liquids,
such as vases, on the apparatus.
Do not install this equipment in a confined space, such as a bookshelf
or similar unit.
• Please ensure that the AC power outlet (mains socket) is installed near
the equipment and shall be easily accessible.
• Be sure to use the supplied AC adapter and AC power cords (mains
lead). Otherwise it may cause a malfunction.
• Connect the AC adapter to an easily accessible AC power outlet
(mains socket).
• Do not coil the AC power cord (mains lead)
around the AC adapter. The core wire may be cut
and/or it may cause a malfunction of the TV.
• Do not touch the AC adapter with wet hands.
• If you notice an abnormality in the AC adapter,
disconnect it from the AC power outlet (mains socket) immediately.
• The set is not disconnected from the AC source as long as it is
connected to the AC power outlet (mains socket), even if the set itself
has been turned off.
• As the AC adapter will become warm when it is used for a long time,
you may feel hot when touching it by hand.
Prohibited Usage
Do not install/use the TV set in locations, environments or situations such
as those listed below, or the TV set may malfunction and cause a fire,
electrical shock, damage and/or injuries.
• Outdoors (in direct sunlight), at the seashore, on a ship or other
vessel, inside a vehicle, in medical institutions, unstable locations,
near water, rain, moisture or smoke.
• If the TV is placed in the changing room of a public
bath or hot spring, the TV may be damaged by
airborne sulfur, etc.
• For best picture quality, do not expose the screen to
direct illumination or sunlight.
• Avoid moving the TV from a cold area to a warm area. Sudden room
temperature changes may cause moisture condensation. This may
cause the TV to show poor picture and/or poor colour. Should this
occur, allow moisture to evaporate completely before powering the TV
• Never spray water or detergent directly on the TV
set. It may drip to the bottom of the screen or exterior
parts and enter the TV set, and may cause damage
to the TV set.
• Places that are hot, humid, or excessively dusty; where insects may
enter; where it might be exposed to mechanical vibration, near
flammable objects (candles, etc). The TV set shall not be exposed to
dripping or splashing and no objects filled with liquids, such as vases,
shall be placed on the TV.
• Do not place the TV in a humid or dusty space, or
in a room with oily smoke or steam (near cooking
tables or humidifiers). Fire, electric shock, or
warping may result.
• Do not install the TV in places subject to extreme
temperature such as in direct sunlight, near a radiator or a heating
vent. The TV may overheat in such condition which can cause
deformation of the enclosure and/or TV malfunction.
• Do not use when your hands are wet, with the cabinet removed, or
with attachments not recommended by the manufacturer. Disconnect
the TV set from AC power outlet (mains socket) and antenna during
lightning storms.
• Do not install the TV so that it sticks out into an open
space. Injury or damage from a person or object
bumping into the TV may result.
Broken pieces:
• Do not throw anything at the TV set. The screen
glass may break by the impact and cause serious injury.
• If the surface of the TV set cracks, do not touch it until you have
unplugged the AC power cord (mains lead). Otherwise electric shock
may result.
When not in use
• If you will not be using the TV set for several days, the TV set should
be disconnected from the AC power (mains) for environmental and
safety reasons.
• As the TV set is not disconnected from the AC power (mains) when the
TV set is just turned off, pull the plug from the AC power outlet (mains
socket) to disconnect the TV set completely.
• However, some TV sets may have features that require the TV set to be
left in standby to work correctly.
For children
• Do not allow children to climb on the TV set.
• Keep small accessories out of the reach of children, so that they are
not mistakenly swallowed.
If the following problems occur...
Turn off the TV set and unplug the AC power cord (mains lead)
immediately if any of the following problems occur.
Ask your dealer or Sony service centre to have it checked by qualified
service personnel.
AC power cord (mains lead) is damaged.
Poor fitting of AC power outlet (mains socket).
TV set is damaged by being dropped, hit or having something thrown
at it.
Any liquid or solid object falls through openings in the cabinet.
About LCD Monitor Temperature
When the LCD Monitor is used for an extended period, the panel
surrounds become warm. You may feel hot when touching there by the
Below information shows the correct handling of the Wall-Mount Bracket.
Be sure to read this information thoroughly and use the Wall-Mount
Bracket correctly.
To Customers:
Be sure to observe the following precautions for safety to prevent a
serious injury through fire, electric shock, the product toppling over, or
the product dropping.
• Be sure to subcontract the installation to licensed contractors and
keep small children away during installation.
• Be sure to subcontract moving or dismounting of the TV to licensed
• Do not remove screws, etc., after mounting the TV.
• Do not make alterations to the parts of the Wall-Mount Bracket.
• Do not mount any equipment other than the specified product.
• Do not apply any load other than the TV on the Wall-Mount Bracket.
• Do not lean on or hang from the TV.
• Do not handle the TV with excessive force during cleaning or
To Sony Dealers and Contractors:
The following instructions are for Sony dealers and contractors only. Be
sure to read safety precautions described below and pay special
attention to safety during the installation, maintenance and checking of
this product.
• Do not install the Wall-Mount Bracket on wall
surfaces where the corners or the sides of the TV
are protruding away from the wall surface.
• Do not install the TV over or under an
• Be sure to install the Wall-Mount Bracket securely
to the wall following the instructions in this
instruction manual. If any of the screws are loose or fall
out, the Wall-Mount Bracket may fall and cause injury
or property damage.
• Be sure to use the supplied screws and attachment
parts properly following the instructions given in this
instruction manual. If you use substitute items, the
TV may fall and cause bodily injury to someone or
damage to the TV.
• Be sure to assemble the bracket properly following the
instructed procedure explained in this instruction manual.
• Be sure to tighten the screws securely in the designated position.
• Be careful not to subject the TV to shock during installation.
• Be sure to install the TV on a wall that is both perpendicular and flat.
• After proper installation of the TV, secure the cables properly.
• Do not allow the AC power cord (mains lead)
or the connecting cable to be pinched as the
internal conductors may become exposed and
cause a short circuit or an electrical break.
Viewing the TV
• View the TV in moderate light, as viewing the TV in poor light or during
long period of time, strains your eyes.
• When using headphones, adjust the volume so as to avoid excessive
levels, as hearing damage may result.
LCD Screen
• Although the LCD screen is made with high-precision technology and
99.99% or more of the pixels are effective, black dots may appear or
bright points of light (red, blue, or green) may appear constantly on
the LCD screen. This is a structural property of the LCD screen and is
not a malfunction.
• Do not push or scratch the front filter, or place objects on top of this TV
set. The image may be uneven or the LCD screen may be damaged.
• If this TV set is used in a cold place, a smear may occur in the picture
or the picture may become dark. This does not indicate a failure.
These phenomena disappear as the temperature rises.
• Ghosting may occur when still pictures are displayed continuously. It
may disappear after a few moments.
• The screen and cabinet get warm when this TV set is in use. This is
not a malfunction.
• The LCD screen contains a small amount of liquid crystal. Follow your
local ordinances and regulations for disposal.
Handling and cleaning the screen surface/
cabinet of the TV set
Be sure to unplug the AC power cord (mains lead) connected to the TV
set from AC power outlet (mains socket) before cleaning.
• To remove dust from the screen surface/cabinet, wipe gently with a
soft cloth. If dust is persistent, wipe with a soft cloth slightly moistened
with a diluted mild detergent solution.
• Never spray water or detergent directly on the TV
set. It may drip to the bottom of the screen or exterior
parts and enter the TV set, and may cause damage
to the TV set.
• Never use any type of abrasive pad, alkaline/
acid cleaner, scouring powder, or volatile solvent, such as alcohol,
benzene, thinner or insecticide. Using such materials or maintaining
prolonged contact with rubber or vinyl materials may result in damage
to the screen surface and cabinet material.
• Periodic vacuuming of the ventilation openings is recommended to
ensure to proper ventilation.
• When adjusting the angle of the TV set, move it slowly so as to prevent
the TV set from moving or slipping off from its table stand.
Optional Equipment
Keep optional components or any equipment emitting electromagnetic
radiation away from the TV set. Otherwise picture distortion and/or noisy
sound may occur.
(Caution about handling the remote control)
• Observe the correct polarity when inserting batteries.
• Do not use different types of batteries together or mix old and new
• Dispose of batteries in an environmentally friendly way. Certain regions
may regulate the disposal of batteries. Please consult your local
• Handle the remote with care. Do not drop or step on it, or spill liquid
of any kind onto it.
• Do not place the remote in a location near a heat source, a place
subject to direct sunlight, or a damp room.
• If you use the TV installed on the Wall-Mount Bracket for a long time,
the wall behind or above the TV may become discoloured or the
wallpaper may come unstuck, depending on the material of the wall.
• If the Wall-Mount Bracket is removed after installing it on the wall, the
screw holes are left.
• Do not use the Wall-Mount Bracket in a place where it is subjected to
mechanical vibrations.

Product specificaties

Merk: Sony
Categorie: Televisie
Model: Bravia KLV-32R402A
Kleur van het product: Zwart
Beeldschermdiagonaal: 32 "
Resolutie: 1366 x 768 Pixels
Oorspronkelijke beeldverhouding: 16:9
Ethernet LAN: Nee
Ondersteunde video-modi: 1080i, 1080p, 480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p
Kijkhoek, horizontaal: 176 °
Kijkhoek, verticaal: 176 °
Aantal USB 2.0-poorten: 1
Aantal HDMI-poorten: 1
Audio-ingang (L, R): 2
Composiet video-ingang: 1
Componentingang video (YPbPr/YCbCr): 1
DVI-poort: Nee
Ingebouwde luidsprekers: Ja
Gemiddeld vermogen: 16 W
Stroomverbruik (in standby): 0.5 W
Aantal luidsprekers: 2
Hoofdtelefoonuitgangen: 1
Formaat analoog signaal: NTSC 3.58, NTSC 4.43, PAL, SECAM
HD type: HD
3D: Nee
Ondersteunde grafische resoluties: 1280 x 768 (WXGA), 1280 x 800 (WXGA), 1360 x 768 (WXGA)
Diepte ( zonder voet ): 75 mm
Hoogte (zonder voet ): 443 mm
Breedte ( zonder voet ): 735 mm
Gewicht (zonder voet): 4600 g
Schermdiameter in centimeters: 80 cm
PC-ingang (D-Sub): Nee
Common interface Plus (CI+): Nee
Soort tuner: Analoog
Internet TV: Nee
Breedte apparaat (met standaard): 735 mm
Diepte apparaat (met standaard): 163 mm
Hoogte apparaat (met standaard): 461 mm
Gewicht (met standaard): 4800 g
Ruisonderdrukking: Ja
Teletext: Ja
On Screen Display (OSD): Ja
Aantal On Screen Display-talen: 25
Common interface (CI): Nee
Motion interpolation technologie: Motionflow
Mobile High-Definition Link ( MHL ): Ja
24p: Ja
Aantal tuners: 1 tuner(s)
Comb filter: 3D
Afstandsbediening inbegrepen: Ja
Wifi: Nee
Stroomverbruik (typisch): 52 W
Batterijen inbegrepen: Ja
Slaaptimer: Ja

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