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To remove lectern top from projector stand base, disconnect
power cord and turn the black knob (located under the middle
shelf) counter-clockwise until disengaged. Lift of lectern top and
place in desired location.
Projector stand base features a 110/120 VAC Duplex receptacle
for equipment. Plug line cord into approved 3-wire 110/120 V
outlet. To assemble, reverse this procedure.
Stacking Models
All Models Optional Height Adjustment
Connect power supply to 110/120 VAC 3-wire outlet
(220/240 VAC models to 220/240 VAC source).
Reading Light
Depress light switch to activate light. ADJUST VISOR AS
NECESSARY. Use GE 25T8DC 110v appliance lamp or equivalent
when relamping all 110/120 sound and non-sound lecterns;
GE 1176 12v for 220v lecterns.
Digital Clock/Count Down Timer
Select desired mode; adjust time with SET switch. Unit will
remain operational as long as the main power supply is on.
NOTE: Power interruptions will cause the clock to lash until reset.
Models with optional reading surface adjustment are controlled
by the switch marked HEIGHT and provide up to 8 - 9 inches of
elevation. To raise or lower, depress HEIGHT switch.
The Da-Lite sound system is modular in design for ease of
service. The power supply and ampliier are accessed inside
the lectern body. The controls are accessed by removal of
dash panel.
If your lectern fails to operate on a known power source, be
sure to check the circuit breaker located on the Power Supply
for a tripped condition. Reset to restore function. If breaker
continues to trip, discontinue use of product until problem can
be diagnosed.
Sound Models
Plug microphone into shock mount on reading surface. Turn
main power switch located under reading surface on. Rotate
"MAIN MIC", "TREBLE" and "BASS" controls fully counterclockwise
to minimum volume position. Turn speaker switch located on
dash panel to position. While speaking into the microphone, "on"
slowly increase "Main Mic" volume by turning knob clockwise.
Adjust until feedback begins, then decrease volume to stable
condition or lower to desired volume level. Adjust bass and treble
controls to desired tonal quality. Turn SPEAKER SWITCH to "of"
position when done using the sound system.
Auxiliary Microphone (XLR Jack)
The auxiliary mic input is located under the reading surface and
is used for a second mic or wireless microphone input. The
volume control is located on the dash panel. The aux. mic input
is balanced low impedance (600 ) and is phantom powered so Ω
condenser type microphone can be used.
Auxiliary Line Input (1/4" Phone Jack)
The auxiliary input is used for playback of tape
player, musical instrument, VCR, or an audio feed
from another sound system. The volume control
is located on dash panel.
Auxiliary Line Output (1/4" Phone Jack)
The signal output is a composite of all the inputs and can be fed
directly to an audio or video tape recorder. Or, the line output
can be fed to another sound system to combine systems for
greater output, or it may be fed to the input of a hearing
impaired system.
External Speaker Outputs (1/4" Phone Jack)
The external speaker outputs can be used to drive external
speakers in lieu of the internal lectern speaker. When a plug is
inserted into the external speaker jacks, the internal speaker is
disconnected. The powerful (50 watts) is adequate to drive
several speakers provided the total load impedance is not less
than 2 ohms. The output of the ampliier is self-protecting against
overload; however, low impedance loads (below 2 ) will cause Ω
excessive heating reducing ampliier output.
Digital Clock-Timer
Set Mode
Main MIC. AUX. MIC. AUX. Line Bass Treble

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